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The Secret Bed Makers

2021 Writing Contest Honorable Mention, Level A

The Secret Bed Makers by Eloise D.

The most important thing one can do for someone she loves is to make that person’s bed. In our hearts we all adore surprises. When you trudge up to bed after a long, tiresome day, you’re comfortingly surprised because the bed has been made nice and tidy just for you! You feel very special and want to jump for joy, which is a great feeling. No matter what your love language is, a made bed is always appreciated. It’s very comforting that a loved one would sacrifice her time just for you. 

Having a long, deep snooze is key to having an enjoyable morning. At bedtime, it’s truly splendiferous to gaze at freshly puffed, poofy pillows to lay your sleepy head on. The silky, satin sheets smoothed just for you are a wonder because you know that you will experience a cozy sleep. It’s always easy to drift off to sleep in a lusciously made bed. When the recipient walks into the bedroom, her facial expression is filled with surprise and cheerfulness. The bed maker, who is also joyfully satisfied that she made someone happy, deserves (and gets) a good night’s rest too. It’s hard to tell who will have a more satisfying sleep in their bed!

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