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No Certain Answer

2021 Writing Contest First Place Submission, Level A

No Certain Answer by Amelia K.

There is no certain answer for the question about the most important thing that someone could do for a person that he or she loves. If you do something, which may be the most important thing to one person, you cannot expect everyone in the whole world to appreciate the exact same thing. I can give some examples from experiences with my four younger siblings and my parents. My sister would be delighted if I played with dolls with her, whereas my brother would wish for me to take walks alone with him in the woods. As for my mom, the best thing I can do for her when she is tired would be if I cheerfully pick up the toys in the house and play with my siblings outside so she can take a nap. And then for my dad, he would be pleased if I left him alone when he has important projects to finish. Because older people are sometimes depressed and lonely, sending letters to them can make them feel cherished. Since people are different in many ways, that question has more than one answer. 

To do the most important thing to someone you love, you have to know what the person prefers. It also depends on the situation at that time. If the person is sorrowful, instead of barging in and not letting him speak, you can comfort him, or let him pour out his troubles, which could calm him down. As for the person who is excited and joyful over an accomplishment, you could celebrate with her or encourage her by giving compliments. If a person accidentally makes you angry, the best thing you can do for him is to genuinely forgive him. When you don’t know a person well, you will have to watch how she reacts to different things. Spend time listening and observing people; then you’ll probably understand them much better. Because there is a variety of people and situations, I cannot give one answer to what is the most important thing someone could do for a person he or she loves.

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