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A Debt, a Deed, and a Deliverance

A Debt, a Deed, and a Deliverance
by Sophia L., age 12

Victor, a young man who had tried many jobs before, was now a kindhearted ice cream man who sold his frozen dessert in a park across the street from his home. Because he wanted to improve his sales, he made a loan to buy a gigantic plastic ice cream advertisement that would stay on top of his truck. Struggling to pay his debt, he would have to give his ice cream truck as a payment if he did not return the loaned money on that evening, which was the due date. It was impossible. He knew that. He accepted defeat. Since it was his last day of work in his preferred profession, he sadly started his morning. The day was unusually hot, Victor’s heart was unusually heavy, and the neighborhood was unusually deserted. It seemed as if humans were hiding from the heat. Deep inside his heart, there was only one thing that strengthened him. It was the joy of serving Sarah, the solitary little girl who came every day more to see him than to eat the frozen delicacy. She was Victor’s neighbor, whose father, unknown to him, was a millionaire. Because his firstborn had died, the rich man became overprotective of his remaining child. Besides her family members, the only person she was ever allowed to visit was the caring ice cream man across the street.
When it was noon on that abnormally hot day, Sarah as usual crossed the street to the park. Victor spotted the girl while she was still coming out from the door of her house, and, oh, how his heart jumped for joy to catch sight of the child. She came to see him. Regrettably, the young man did not have the heart to tell Sarah, who looked so joyful, that unless a miracle happened it would be his last day of work. While they were pleasantly talking about which flavor she would get, they did not notice the huge ice cream that was on top of the truck was melting. Fortunately because of his quick reflexes, Victor, who had smelled the stinking odor of burning plastic, courageously pushed his dearest customer backward behind the bench. The girl fell down safely just when the melted plastic was about to fall on her head. Trying to calm the child down, Victor, who could not believe that harm could have come to his favorite and faithful friend, gave her an ice cream before Sarah left the park and rushed home to tell her father about the incident.
Shocked by the advertisement episode, Victor had decided to close down earlier. He was shutting the truck to head home when he noticed that Sarah was coming back, and this time not alone. Her father was coming too. He looked different. Being very moved by the act that had saved his daughter, Sarah’s father came up to the hero and gave him an envelope. In it there was a check for a significant amount of money, which greatly surprised the ice cream man. At first, he tried to refuse it, but the wealthy man insisted. Victor shed tears of joy. A miracle had happened. He was thrilled. Tearfully Victor explained that now it was Sarah who was saving him. Sarah kindly thanked, hugged, and kissed her heroic friend. When Victor left in order to pay his debt some hours later, the hero had enough money to pay it off and buy a safer advertisement that wouldn’t melt on hot days. Victor received deliverance from his debt and managed to keep his favorite profession thanks to the great deed of saving a girl from a melting advertisement.


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