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Giving Up Possessions

2021 Writing Contest 3rd Place Submission, Level A

Giving Up Possessions by Kesed B.

Billy Graham once declared, “True love is an act of the will—a conscious decision to do what is best for the other person instead of ourselves.” The most important thing someone could do for a person he or she loves is to give away a prized possession. It is extremely difficult for someone to give up her most cherished treasure. However, doing so shows that person means more to the individual than even the beloved item. This is a selfless act. 

During times of need, sacrifices often happen. In Little Women, Jo’s father falls feeble and sick while at war. Jo, who loves her parents, cuts her hair—long, lovely locks—and sells it. Her sacrifice, which is motivated by love, enables her mother to visit her ailing father. Ultimately the greatest example is Jesus when He died on the cross for our sins. He graciously gave His life because of our need for a savior. Following His example helps us give up our most prized possessions for those we love.

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  • Magnificent work! I adore how you encourage people to love others and serve Jesus most of all.

    “Good will come to those who are gracious and lend freely…Surely the righteous will never be shaken; thay will be remembered forever.”
    Psalm 112:4-6 NIV