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The Imaginative Fluff Ball – Level B

by Ella S., age 13

Wheeling overhead, a sharp-eyed eagle spied a lamb and sweeping down upon it, carried it off. A brooding jackdaw observed with envy. He wished to prove himself as skilled as the eagle. With a raucous cry he took off and settled on the largest ram in the herd, which took no notice of him and continued placidly munching grass. Frantically flapping his wings, the weak and puny jackdaw attempted to rise into the air with the immense ram, but alas! His claws were utterly entangled in the ram’s thick wool. The shepherd, who had been watching from afar and was angered by the loss of the best lamb in his herd, raced over, caught the jackdaw between his hands, clipped the forlorn fowl’s feathers, and took the bedraggled bird back home as a gift to his children. They were naturally curious and begged their father to tell them what breed of bird it was. “Well, my children,” he replied with a twinkle in his eye, “it is a crow, but this imaginative fluff ball is sure that he is an eagle.”

Keyword Outline

I. [circled E], [down arrow], lamb, carried, [up arrow]
1. [circled J], observed, envy
2. emulate, strength, skill
3. flew, ram, carry, [up arrow]
4. claws, entangled, x free
5. shepherd, run, catch
6. clipped, wings, gift
7. “what, kind, bird?”
8. “crow, like, eagle”

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