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Gratitude for Eggplant? – Level B

by Luke M., age 12

Generally, most of us do not venture into the extraordinary but rather remain with prevalent foods such as chicken, beef, cheese, vegetables, and fruit. However, exotic Japanese-style crude seafood is readily accessible at North American malls and airports. Yet even still some wonderfully outlandish nations provide more breathtaking dishes! In Cambodia grotesque tarantula is exquisitely fried in garlic oil. Chinese vendors incredibly present grilled black scorpion. The South Koreans serve actual squirming live octopus! In the land of Mexico, we journey back to the insect domain with the peculiar “escamoles,’’ which is fried ant larvae. Lastly, we mix sweet and savory with Thai chocolate-covered silkworms. So whenever you are faced with the choice of eggplant or sashimi, fall to your knees with gratitude, for it is not fried dung beetle or grilled seahorse!

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