Articles Featured Level A Submissions Unit 1/2

Scorpions – Level A

by Jace, age 10

Scorpions are not insects. They are arachnids and have eight legs, two pincers, and a barbed tail. There are more than two thousand types of scorpions in the world. Scorpions thrive on every continent except Antarctica. There are thirty types of scorpions that will execute you if you are not careful. After they sting their prey, their prey becomes paralyzed, making it easier to gobble them up. Scorpions can go with little food and air. They can amazingly survive in a freezer overnight if you put them in it. Baby scorpions climb onto their mother’s back, and the mother carries them around until they grow up. China sells scorpions in food shops because they are considered a delicacy.

Keyword Outline

1. X insects
2. arachnids, 8, 2 pincers, barbed
3. > 2,000, types
4. found, continent, X Antarctica
5. venomous, ~ 30, kill
6. sting, paralyze, prey
7. little, air, food
8. survive, freezer, night
9. babies, climb, back
10. China, shops, delicacy

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