Level A Submissions Uncategorized Unit 1/2

Scorpions – Level A

by Keian, age 12

Scorpions are not insects. Scorpions are eight-legged arachnids with two pincers and a barbed tail. There are two thousand different types of species. Scorpions live on every continent except for Antarctica. There are thirty different types of deadly scorpions. They will sting and paralyze their yummy prey. They can survive on very little air, water, and food. Scorpions are very tough and can withstand the cold of being in a freezer overnight. After the mother gives birth, baby scorpions climb up and ride on her back. In China they grill or fry scorpions to sell them to customers for tasty eating.

Keyword Outline

1. not, insects
2. arachnids, 8 [leg] 2 pincers, tail
3. 2,000, scorpion, species
4. every, continent, X Antarctica
5. venomous, ~30 species, kill
6. sting, paralyze, prey
7. little, air, food
8. tough, survive, freezer
9. babies, climb, ride
10. CH grilled, fried, eaten

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