2020 Writing Contest Articles Level A Submissions

Little Things – Level A Second Place

by Sophia S., age 10

 A little skipping stone can make ripples over the whole surface of a lake, and your little acts of kindness can affect the world around you. However woefully unimportant it may seem at times, kindness is always an important virtue in life. People see kindness and strive to be kind, so even the smallest bit of kindness you show can motivate those around you to show compassion in turn. Kindness walks hand in hand with empathy, which allows you to put yourself in others’ shoes, encouraging them to be vulnerable with you without fear of criticism or critique. If kindness went unacknowledged, the world would not go around. Kindness is giving second chances, forgiving and forgetting, making strangers feel welcome. Kindness means giving without receiving, hushing that little voice inside that says “me first,” and putting yourself last to serve others. Your little acts of kindness can do big things.  

Sometimes kindness can be hidden and out of sight. When we do interim care, newborns come into our house homeless and helpless. To some people it may seem like a simple job that’s nothing but snuggles and cuddles, but it is much more. Caring for these babies calls for sacrifice of time and energy. At times it can take buckets of kindness to nurture since they can be quite a handful; occasionally it can be downright hard to show them love, but kindness is rewarding. After several weeks filled with ups and downs, the babies are ready to go to a new home. As the tiny children are carried into the room, their adoptive families cry and laugh. Tears of joy, which express their unspeakable happiness, fill their eyes as they proudly hold the baby for the first time. Their overjoyed faces portray that the child’s future is filled with love. Sometimes the kindness that is hidden is the greatest kindness of all, and the little things you do for others can have a big impact.

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