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Kindness during COVID-19 – Level A Third Place

by Samuel K., age 9

 Kindness is important because when someone is sad or frustrated, kindness means that someone cares about them. During what almost everyone in the world is experiencing with the pandemic, kindness means even more. If people are being kind to you, you feel more secure. It’s like knowing there is someone to defend you and protect you.

Some kindness shown I’ve seen was at my school. Residents of Merrill Gardens Retirement Home are in quarantine like no one else. Since they live together and cannot risk contact, they are only permitted to stay in their rooms. The only way to see them is through the windows. Students from my school were kind to them by sending them letters. The letters contained pictures and heartwarming words. The residents sent back pictures of themselves holding the letters. This shows how kind a person can be and how kindness can be done by anyone.

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