2020 Writing Contest Articles Level A Submissions

What Kindness Is to Me – Level A Honorable Mention

by Mia O,. age 10

Why should people act kindly? Kindness is helping people when they are sad or depressed. Sometimes it is lovingly doing something for someone else. Kindness is not just shown through words. For instance, someone usually will reply with a “hi” to you after you have greeted them. Kindness is more complex. Kindness is being nice to someone who is mean to you. Acting kindly usually helps people. It sometimes costs the person being kind something. True kindness expects nothing in return but often is rewarded with kindness. Kindness helps people out. Kindness produces confidence. Kindness loves patiently. 

Kindness has been shown to me all my life. Nervously, my birth mom, who could not take care of me, left me quietly on the side of the road one cold, bitter night in China. The next morning, I was found and placed in the care of the local orphanage. I was six weeks old when they found me. I was pale, skinny, and had difficulty breathing and eating. Soon they found why I was so sick. I had a hole in my heart. Because I was so sick, a foster mom took me in, took care of me, and helped me become healthier. A couple years later when I was two and a half years old, my parents ventured over to China to adopt me. They have given me a fun, fantastic family. I have a picture book of my life in China with my foster mom, of the orphanage worker, and of me tenderly wrapped in a bunch of blankets the night my mother had to bravely leave me on that street. My life has been shown many types of kindness: kindness for a better life, kindness for a healthy life, kindness for a loving life.

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