2020 Writing Contest Articles Level A Submissions

Contagious Gentleness – Level A Honorable Mention

by Alizeah C., age 9

Kindness is important because God tells us to be kind, and Jesus is the perfect example. From My Second Picture Dictionary, the definition of kindness means “friendly, doing good rather than harm.” Kindness is having a pure heart while helping others with humility. If you are unquestionably kind to someone, that person will be kind to others. Unsurprisingly, this creates a chain reaction of kindness. The effect can be extraordinary! Kindness calms the angry person, brings a smile to a sad person, and just makes you feel better. Kindness, which creates a warm community, brings positive results to everyone. “Doing good” is valuable to our world.

An example of kindness is when my Mom visits the elderly at an assisted living facility. Patiently, she would talk to them and listen to them. She is goodhearted. Because of my Mom’s example, my sister and I would join her by brightly blowing bubbles for them, drawing pictures for them, and eagerly playing ball with them. This motivated other adults who have never visited a retirement community to join us! This also motivated other kids to sing, draw, and talk to the residents. By visiting the residents, we bring them a smile and stroll away feeling better. Showing kindness anywhere in your community is an admirable activity! My mom created a chain reaction by showing kindness to the elderly.

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