Level B Unit 5

The Wonderful, Creative Manuscript

by Gabrielle Fu, age 11

Ricky promptly took a sheet of paper to do his homework, which was his favorite assignment yet. In this project, he was supposed to write a composition about his pet. As he had so many pets, he considered writing about his goldfish, cat, guinea pig, rabbit, or his dog. Ricky unanimously decided to write about his Walker hound, Duke. Starting to write the manuscript, Ricky whistled for Duke, since he wanted him as a model. Duke watched inquisitively. Excitedly Ricky described Duke. Quickly he finished his absorbing homework.

Reading his work to Duke, Ricky felt proud. “Duke was a great dog,” he read. “Terribly, he sometimes bites.” The Walker hound listened enthusiastically. As the reading progressed, Duke’s face grew long, which testified his disappointment. Ricky described him as an arrogant dog, while he also stated that Duke was always picky. In a short time, Duke did not take pleasure in the paper that provided Ricky with so much pride.

Turning to Duke, Ricky finished reading the essay to the dog. Considering the new manuscript, he asked his brooding hound if he appreciated it. Duke haughtily sauntered away with his muzzle in the air. Ricky revised the paragraph. Unwillingly Ricky dragged himself to school, fearing the worst because he believed that if his pet did not enjoy the essay, which was actually a very creative one, his teachers would not approve of it either. Although he had pondered this unceasingly, the teacher gave Ricky an A+. Ricky still wondered why Duke had not enjoyed the wonderful, creative manuscript.

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