Level B Unit 1/2

Scottish Highlanders

by Joshua Garrison, age 14

In 1736 a group of approximately 180 Scots traveled to Savannah, Georgia, eager to escape English oppression. The Scottish were a proud, clannish people who had fought the English monarchs for years during the violent “Covenanter” wars to gain freedom of religion. Unfortunately, they had been suppressed by the massive armies of dragoons which had ravaged the country, burning, plundering, and sadistically slaughtering the inhabitants. Because of the persecution, many Scots fled to America in hopes of finding a new life where they could enjoy their freedom to worship God the way they thought was best. Georgia was a coarse, exacting frontier, but this did not inconvenience the Scots. They were used to rough and basic living environments. The individual families were given fifty acres of property in addition to livestock, farm implements, and other supplies. To the humble and battle-hardened Scots, this seemed like a miracle from Heaven. The Scots also conveyed the game of golf to America. The Highlanders eventually settled down and constructed a settlement near Savannah, known as Darien.

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