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Life or Legacy

By Evan C., age 12

Gilgamesh, who was the adored king of Urek, was a compassionate and courageous leader. Unfortunately, he was not incredibly happy. He began searching for a man that could lead him to the plant of life so he could rule forever. He diligently searched through scorching deserts, swift flowing rivers, grassy plains, and steep mountains to find the man who could help him locate the plant of life. Eventually, he found him and was informed that the majestic plant was located in the depths of the sea. 

Gilgamesh, who yearned for a long, prosperous life, set out to hunt for the mysterious plant. After months of searching, he located the radiant plant and plunged into the sea to retrieve it. However, the thorny plant was difficult to remove from the bottom of the ocean. Gilgamesh, determined to extract the treasured plant, pulled with all his might and was able to obtain it. After his struggle, Gilgamesh, who needed a rest, took a swim in a pond and foolishly left the precious plant on a nearby rock. 

Meanwhile, a slimy serpent slyly slithered up, silently searching for some supper. The sneaky snake devoured the scrumptious plant and instantaneously developed shimmering fresh scales. Gilgamesh was so stunned with sadness that he let out a blaring wail in agonizing despair. Suddenly, a wise eagle, who had witnessed the events, dove down to pick up Gilgamesh and fly with him over the city of Urek. Gilgamesh lovingly observed the spectacular city, which he had developed, and began to recognize his folly. Gilgamesh remembered that his people loved and respected him for the noble leader he had been. He no longer desired to be young forever because he now knew and understood that his legacy in Urek would undeniably live on.

Illustration credit: Althea Steeger, Ancient History-based Writing Lessons, 2018

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