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Creating Slime

by Anna P., age 10

Blue Slime Children all over the world love to play with a new fidget toy called slime. Since slime is one of the most played with toys, people quickly invented many other types of slime. Because of all these different types of slime, slime has become more and more popular. Surprisingly, slime is quite easy to make; that is why it is so popular. Slime is squishy and fun. Among all the different types of slime, I am going to teach you how to make easy slime, fluffy slime, and butter slime.
    Because I love slime so much, I am excited to share with you how to create it. When creating slime, you don’t just use glue; you must first choose an activator. There are so many types of wonderful activators like borax, which can be mixed with water. You can also use contact lens solution, which can be mixed with baking soda. Carefully choose which activator you would like to use, and then slowly pour your choice of food coloring in to make your slime pretty. Gently mix the ingredients together. As soon as the slime is starting to stick to your mixing tool, your slime is ready to play with.
    Now that I have told you about easy slime, I am going to share with you how to make butter slime, which is really fun, because it spreads like butter. Freely choose whatever activator you want to use, and add glue. To make butter slime you need to add bits of non-drying clay because if you use drying clay, your slime will sadly dry up. You can choose any color of food coloring you want; however, since you are making butter slime, a yellow color would be best. Gently drop four to five drops of food coloring into your slime. Mix all your ingredients together. You are ready to have fun with your wonderful butter slime.
    Surprisingly, fluffy slime is one of my favorites because the texture is so wonderfully fluffy. To make it, you need glue, an activator, and your favorite food color, which will make it beautiful. Since the secret ingredient is shaving cream, you will want to put lots of shaving cream into your slime to make it nice and fluffy. Now mix it all together. Finally, once the ingredients are all mixed together, you can have hours of fun with your fluffy slime.
    My favorite slime is butter slime because of its buttery appearance. Since I’ve completely instructed you on the three different types of slime, always remember the two most important ingredients are glue and activator. Unfortunately, I have experienced not adding enough activator, causing an extremely awful mess which is very difficult to clean up. As long as you have the most important ingredients, you can make as many different slimes as you can imagine. Just have fun! I hope you enjoy creating and playing with your easy, butter, and fluffy slime.
From the editor: If you would like a slime recipe with more exact measurements, click here.

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