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The Perilous Expedition

The Perilous Expedition

Kaeb C., age 10

In 1620 Goodman Howland boarded an old, creaky merchant vessel called The Mayflower. He set sail with some Pilgrims seeking religious freedom. They were crossing the vast Atlantic Ocean to America. One day a vehement storm violently rocked the ship. The passengers, who were in the gun deck, prayed loudly for the  storm to subside. The Pilgrims were crowded, wet, and scared.

Goodman Howland had been throwing up for two hours and imprudently decided to climb above deck. Suddenly without warning, the ship tipped, and he slipped off the deck! As he fell toward the water, he grabbed a rope. While screaming for help, Howland, who was weakening, perilously hung on. Thankfully, the sailors saw what had happened and snatched him with a boat hook. When Howland was on board, he knew it was going to be a long and dangerous journey to the New World.

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