The Father of Topping Science

In the savory city of Pizza, where toppings flourished and Anchovy’s theories were not questioned, there was a mushroom named Galileo. Galileo was not like the other toppings; he enjoyed learning and observing the world around him. He was known to courageously question the mighty Anchovy’s teachings, which really got under Anchovy’s fins. Also living in the city of Pizza was a group of Pepperonis who did not approve of Galileo’s bold questions.

One delicious day Galileo, desiring to disprove Anchovy’s theory, which stated that heavy toppings would fall faster than lighter toppings, gathered a ten-pound meatball and a one-pound meatball and excitedly climbed to the top of the Leaning Tower of Pizza. The Pepperonis sharply scowled as they observed the mushroom’s ascent because they thought it was quite foolish for any mere topping to question the superior Anchovy’s teaching.

Galileo released the two juicy meatballs. As the Pepperonis witnessed the meat hitting the ground at the exact same moment, their mouths dropped open. Galileo smiled. The Pepperonis frowned. Anchovy reeked. Bitterly rebuking Galileo, the toppings of Pizza demanded he leave the city at once. Seeking safety, he traveled to the aromatic city of Pesce, which is where he went on to make many new and incredible discoveries.  By asking questions and exploring appetizing answers, he came to be known in Pesce and grudgingly in Pizza as the Father of Topping Science.


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